When entering the event you agree to the following house rules:

  • Visitors who do not have a valid ticket will not be granted access.
  • Access is denied to visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to visitors aged 18-.
  • Visitors can be searched at the entrance. Access may be refused if you do not cooperate.
  • During the event, visitors may be exposed to noise levels above 80 dB. Protection of hearing is the own responsibility of the visitor.
  • Alcohol will only be served to visitors aged 18 +. Visitors who pass alcohol to persons under 18 and visitors under 18 years consuming alcohol, will be removed from the festival terrain.
  • Visitors are required to adhere to the instructions of the staff at all times.
  • During the event, the national rules relating to the smoking ban are valid. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.
  • It is not allowed to treat other visitors offensive, aggressive, discriminatory or intimidating.
  • It is not allowed to take in food, drinks, stickers or markers.
  • Weapons, knifes and hard-drugs are prohibited. When noticing any of these, the police will always be warned.
  • Security staff will check on the following items or proceedings that are not allowed on the festival terrain:
    • Medication without a doctor's prescription;
    • Bringing of pets;
    • The possession, use and dealing in both soft- and hard-drugs;
    • To trade goods (including tickets) and/or handling of stolen goods;
    • Destruction, vandalism and/or theft. The costs of any damage caused will be charged to the perpetrator(s);
    • To distribute promotional materials in and around the building without permission;
    • In violation of our house rules, the validity of the ticket is expired and access is denied, in this case visitors are not entitled to a refund of entrance fees.
  • When noticing any evidence of serious violations, visitors are arrested and handed over to the police. Any evidence of criminal offenses will be reported to the police.
Do not cause any nuisance for our neighbours when entering and leaving the building!
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