You are agreeing to the following house rules upon entering the event:
  • Minimum age is 18 years old: visitors can be asked to show a valid ID at all times, and be denied entrance when not meeting the minimum age or failing to show a valid ID.
  • Visitors who don’t have a valid ID in their possession will be denied entrance.
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entrance.
  • You can only enter with a student card. If you don’t have a student card you need someone with a student card to introduce you. (Maximum of 3 introductions per card.)
  • Because of security reasons visitors can be searched. Visitors are required to cooperate. Security personnel will be searching for hard- and softdrugs. If they find out you have drugs in your possession you can either be fined or recieve a prison sentence, depending on the amount carried. Public Prosecution will determine the punishment.
  • It’s not allowed to bring food, drinks, drugs, stickers or markers inside.
  • Weapons, knives, and harddrugs are forbidden. The police will be notified when these are found.
  • During the event it’s not allowed to:
    • Bring along medication without a prescription.
    • Bring along animals.
    • Deal soft-, hard-, or party drugs.
    • Deal items (amongst them tickets to the event) and / or deal in stolen goods.
    • Destroy, vandalize and / or commit theft. Damage caused will be paid for by the guilty party.
    • Spread promotional material in and around the building without consent from the Organization.
  • Visitors can be exposed to sound levels above 80 dBA. Visitors are responsible for protecting their own hearing.
  • In the interest of safety, visitors are required to follow instructions given by the organisation and security personnel.
  • The national rules regarding smoking are in place. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.
  • It’s not allowed to approach other visitors in a hindering, aggressive, discriminating or intimidating manner.

It is forbidden to bring professional photographic, film and other recording equipment. By professional photographic equipment we mean cameras with interchangeable lenses.

The validity of the ticket will expire upon breaking the house rules, access to the terrain will also be denied. When breaking the house rules visitors have no right to restitution of entrance fees.

When the organization or security personnel take note of serious violations, visitors will be apprehended and handed over to the police. When these violations are a criminal offence, they will be reported to the police. Irregularities (such as false tickets, attempts to climb over fences etc.) will be reported to the police as well.

Are you or one of your friends not feeling well? Ask for help, or head to the First Aid Station yourself. Medics will be on hand at all times. The better you tell them what’s going on, the faster and better they can help you. Just be honest, there’s a doctor-patient confidentiality in place.

Payment on site will be done with BkBeats coins, which can be bought during ticket sales, as well as on festival grounds during the event. These coins can be bought with a credit- or debit card; the event is cashless this year. If you lost items during BkBeats, send an email to describing the item in question. BkBeats will not be held responsible for loss of items during the event. Lockers will be emptied the following morning (April 21st): anything left behind will be placed in the lost and found. When you lose access to your locker, your locker will be opened in the morning of the 21st of April as well.

All bars will be closed half an hour before BkBeats is ended (4:30 AM). Tokens will be sold until 4:00 AM, and are not refundable.

Last, but not least: don’t cause to much noise or nuisance upon entering and leaving.