The winners of the band contest at the BkBattle! In a roller coaster ride of danceable hits, they take parties to a whole new level. Be surprised by their repertoire and the versatility of their performance.


Batobe means intricate beats with the guts of Rock ‘n Roll. Expect heavy bass lines, atmospheric guitars and enchanting melodies. From atmospheric hiphop to minimal electronic, Batobe will take you on an unforgettable sonic journey.

During his liveshows Batobe alternates between playing the guitar, triggering effects, playing synthesizers and layering beats. With audio-interactive visuals live generated by Jildert Viet and live vocalist Laura Tuk, Batobe makes sure you’ll experience a live show you won’t forget!


Lost in the moment, enjoying, creating new and forward thinking music is what he loves doing the most. Being named artist to Watch in several occasions in 2015 & 2016, he continues to develop his house influenced sound. Not following what’s hot, just follows his ever growing inspiration and do whatever feels right. As a youngster Chris Stussy was inspired by his father, who let him hear the sound of Disco, House and Jazz from the early days.

Having started playing music in 2011, he started producing a few years later. Chris Stussy brings serious grooves to every aspect of his career, from the studio, to the dance floor. He’s one of a kind and a shining light in the ever-fertile Dutch scene…


DJ St. Paul does not believe in genres. His sets are wider than the thighs of Fredericus van Utrecht. A style that fits well with the pop podium circuit in which he was raised. For already twenty years St. Paul weekly hosts Pop-O-Matic in TivoliVredenbrug. Under the different styles, different people, decades of pop music are poured into one smooth mix on these crowded evenings.

St. Paul also likes to print his eclectic stamp at festivals. He has hosted stages at Best Kept Secret and Into The Great Wide Open for years, but a surplus of his enthusiasm has made him just as easy to go to Lowlands, Kaltern Pop, Film Festivals and Museum nights.


FATA BOOM is a collaboration between a Dutch indie producer and a young singer. Because of their shared love for hip-hop, they ended up in the studio together. There she spits one track after another on tape. About six months after their first meeting, it was time to introduce the world to the trippy electrical hip-hop of Fata Boom. Single 'D.D.D. (Drop Down Deep)' is reminiscent of M.I.A., Die Antwoord and Missy Elliot. Since the Popronde 2017, they took parties to a whole new level - a good sign for their performance at BkBeats!


Ferdows, a 27 year old Rotterdam based DJ with a passion for music started at a young age. When he grew older and discovered the club scene, he no longer wanted to listen to music, but also create it.

Soon Ferdows performed in several clubs in Rotterdam. Since then it has gone really fast. Within a year he has played alongside several respected names such as Major Lazer, Yelloclaw and FS Green.

The passionate Ferdows hopes to accomplish even more and with producing his own music he’s hoping to do just that.


BY QUEERS FOR QUEERS! That’s us, FOEF!!! With all the glitter, glamour, lace, leather, fur and velvet we can get our hands on, we bring people together at the only QUEER party in Delft. FOEF stands for intimacy, open-mindedness, inclusiveness and freedom for queers creating a place to express everyone's inner QUEEN. FOEF is not afraid to SHOCK, provoke or surprise because with us, NOTHING is too much!

And this year, we are coming to BkBeats DISTORTION. So if you’re getting ready for the party this Friday and your friends tell you, that outfit is too much? NOOOO IT’S NOT, and come join FOEF in room K.


Franky Sticks is a Rotterdam based deejay and artist who plays hiphop, trap, beats, funk, disco & soul. As a deejay Franky Sticks has been rocking crowds at clubs, festivals and corporate/private events for over 5 years and is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his sets. Franky Sticks is also part of The Re:Freshed Orchestra, a Rotterdam based funk, soul & hiphop collective of 16 young performers with expansive musical and cultural backgrounds, who share a passion for tearing up a stage.


Hugo prefers to throw old Hip-Hop classics on his turntables, but is not averse to music from modern times. He describes his genre as "urban stuff", which takes influences from both old and new Hip-Hop, R & B and funk. To chill, but especially to dance. Cooling, but also very hot. Resident at the upcoming music event 'Bad Habits'.


“Always striving for the best music doesn’t mean we have to be serious all the time. A great party consists of quality music and people having a great time, my friend Fortyseven shared this thought with me. We work hard to capture this mindset through sound and music that literally moves you, we aim to transfer this mood and energy straight into the crowd” - Jay Gross

Be sure you don’t miss out on these two, they will make sure you will get into the right mood for the rest of the night.


Jelee is a 20 year old artist in the underground electronic beatscene. His biggest inspirations are artists such as Flying Lotus, Sango and J Dilla, but also drawing ispirations from jazz, ambient and video game sounds, he tries to develop his own sound. His music is experimental, but obviously Hip Hop influenced.

Besides making beats, he also does compositions for theatre pieces and sounds for art projects. One of the projects he is working on at the moment is called Reminiscence by Mikki Sindhunata. The project is a dance performance about memory, with live manipulation on visuals and sound. At BK Beats Jelee will be premiering his new live setup. The new live setup will be semi analog, with a real analog synthesizer and less focus on a laptop.


The Kreutziger Kollektiv. Born in Berlin, raised in Amsterdam. Two Dutch friends both intrinsically inspired by the underground house and minimal sound from Berlin and Romania. Fuelled with genuine Dutch mixing skills, the Kreutziger Kollektiv is providing you with the finest groovy, uplifting and spacy beats. This is the result of endless crate-digging and selecting the finest tracks. All for one purpose: providing the crowd with a set which is high in energy and filled with unknown gems, ready to take you on a thunderous adventure.


OIJ is a trip to dazzling neon-lit alleys and endless creativity of Japanese subcultures. Inspired by his imagination of Japanese nightlife and the accompanying excesses, the Amsterdam singer-songwriter and producer Valentijn Crouwel created the first OIJ sounds at the end of 2014.

The sound of OIJ can be described as a combination of spatial cinematic soundscapes and bottomless synthesizers with uplifting choruses that create an obscure yet accessible and surprisingly danceable sound. This specific sound is also compared to that of SOHN and Flume.


The winners of the DJ contest at the BkBattle. Pokko Elective is a collective of 4 youngsters from Delft, sharing a love for music. Pokko is about bringing people together, vinyl records and creativity. Expect Balearic tunes that you have never heard before!


Letting go of all the rules and having the music in charge. With that idea Quirijn Verhoog started his new music project called Precursor. After 13 years of playing, he traded his guitar for a synthesizer. Inspired by the likes of Moderat, Kiasmos and Jon Hopkins, electronic music became his new domain.

Now, Quirijn is in the process of reinventing Precursor and is positioning himself more into Techno terrain. There are some EPs and remixes planned for the summer, which take Precursor on a dancefloor oriented course. Using his new modular system, he is sure to bring some interesting sounds to the club.


Only after a few years of playing in small bands as a kid had Thijs Bremmers (AKA Sub_Surface) been introduced to electronic music, via some local promoters who booked artists from, among other things, the Ostgut Ton roster. Ever since he was offered to play at raves he has been glued to the decks, and so began his musical development which paralleled with the growth of the scene.

Music wise, Sub_Surface’ priority goes out to Techno and House, and basically everything in between those two leading genres.


The Tango Soundsystem boys, both in love with Italo Disco, found each other in Delft. They immediately decided to join forces and bring Italo Disco to the people. They only spin vinyl, digging their way through markets to find the new records. Their euphoric choice of music is strongly influenced by dance music of the 80’s and is mostly not played by others. Nevertheless, their choice of songs will give you the feeling that you have heard them before and will get you moving to the beat. Meanwhile their repertoire has expanded from Italo Disco to Afro Beat, smooth Disco, Electro and much more.


An intense and deep-rooted family connection, a strong sense of solidarity and an intense musical passion constitute but a few of their distinguishing shared attributes. Tenzers represent a wide and sophisticated range of music, which they’ve been collecting over the years.

Their diverse and versatile sound is deeply rooted in house and techno coming from both Detroit and Chicago, but branches further out into jazz, funk, soul, afro, disco and anything else that catches their fancy while digging for eclectic, spiritual and exotic records. Their open-minded approach to mixing enables them to blend all this musical diversity into a refined genre-crossing fusion.


Growing up between a ton of records, synths and guitars, Thomas quickly developed a keen interest in all musical genres and their zeitgeist. As long as it fills the soul and gets you dancing, he will provide it. His electronic palette grew substantially after becoming a frequent guest of the infamous Studio 80 in Amsterdam. Within a year he was addicted to buying records and shortly after his deejay-career started in that very same place.

One thing is for sure: his creativity is strongly reflected in his sets and the vibrant energy of his performance as a deejay.


Wouter S. has chosen his path for the future, and it’s one of distinctiveness.

The 44BASS label owner, producer and DJ has been marking his place in the Dutch scene with a confident energy. This got him to play multiple shows in 2016 like Loveland Festival, Rotterdamse Rave, Smeerboel, 18HRS Festival, TOFFLER festival and his own sold-out 44BASS ADE event. This manifests how diverse Wouter is as an artist, as he doesn’t like to be labelled one thing or another.